Jewels Circuit Regulation


Please do not use these characters into the entry form and photo titles:
Şş Ğğ Çç Ññ Õõ Àà Ää Ââ Éé Èè Êê Ëë Óó Òò Ŏŏ Öö Øø Ôô Ùù Ûû Üü Ÿÿ Îî Ïï ß Ćć Čč Žž Đđ

The “Jewels Circuit” Circuit consists of 4 Competitions and 4 Themes and is sponsored by the FIAP, ISF, GPU, FIAF and UIF and is organized by the Photo Contest Club Association. (Italy).


  • Gran Prix Diamanti: FIAP 2022/261 – ISF 31/2022 – GPU L220082 – FIAF 2022M13 – UIF P-FI-05/2022 I
  • Gran Prix Rubini: FIAP 2022/262 – ISF 31/2022 – GPU L220082 – FIAF 2022M14 – UIF P-FI-05/2022 L
  • Gran Prix Smeraldi: FIAP 20227263 – ISF 31/2022 – GPU L220082 – FIAF 2022M15 – UIF P-FI-05/2022 M
  • Gran Prix Zaffiri: FIAP 2022/264 – ISF 31/2022 – GPU L220082 – FIAF 2022M16 – UIF P-FI-05/2022 N


  • Deadline: May 30, 2022
  • Themes: Free Color, Free Monochrome, Travel Photo, Environment Photo
  • File Format: 1920 pixels longest side or 1080 on the short side, Maximum 4 Mb
  • Prizes: 441 and 2000.00 Dollars
  • Fee: € 40.00 0 $ 48,00


1) The Photo Contest Club Association, with the Patronage of FIAP-Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique, ISF-Image Sans Frontiere, UIF– Unione Italiana Fotoamatori, GPU -Glopbal Photographic Union and FIAF-Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche, is organizing the  International Circuit of Digital Photography Contests: “JEWELS PHOTO CIRCUIT”, which includes the following events: Gran Prix Diamanti, Gran Prix Rubini, Gran Prix Smeraldi and Gran Prix Zaffiri. The contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers worldwide. Entrants must own the copyright to all submitted photographs. The images must have been photographed in every part (even the smallest) by the entrant himself/herself.

2) The contest has three themes for digital images, referred to as:

A) Free/Open Color (Color Digital)
B) Free/Open Monochrome (Monochrome Digital)
C) Travel Photo (Monochrome/Color Digital)
D) Environment Photo (Monochrome/Color Digital)

You can submit up to 4 works for theme. For a maximum total of 16 Photos.
The same photo can’t be showed in different themes.
The color images can’t be presented as monochromatic photos. Photos that have participated in previous editions will not be accepted. The digital images to all themes must be in JPG format; size should be 1920 pixels on the long side, or 1080 on the short side with a resolution of 300 dpi (Maximum 4 Mb), in either color or monochrome. The files should be saved with RGB color space. You can submit up to 4 works for theme. For a maximum total of 16 Photos. The same photo can’t be showed in different themes.
The color images can’t be presented as monochromatic photos.
Photos that have participated in previous editions will not be accepted.
Digital images of all themes must be in JPG format; the size must be 1920 pixels on the long side or 1080 on the short side, with a resolution of 300 dpi (maximum 4 Mb), in both formats color or monochrome. Files must be saved in RGB color space.
The length of the photo titles must not exceed 25 characters.
Each juror will be connected to the central server through the HPCM (Hiho Photo Contest Manager) program for managing photographic competitions provided by HIHO srl.
Each juror will express a vote, for each single photograph, from 3 to 9 according to their liking. Considering that each jury is composed of 3 elements, we will have a minimum vote of 9 and a maximum vote of 27.
An entrant’s images will not be presented to the judges consecutively. An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging in that section. Distribution of images shall be in the same round order as submitted by the entrant.

3) All entries must be submitted through the specific form available on the website.

4) The subscription fee amounts to € 40 (for the Eurozone) or 47 US$ (for the area not subject to Eur) per entrant, regardless of the category and is valid for all 4 contests.
The amount can be forwarded through PayPal to the following e-mail:
Any entry not accompanied by the subscription fee shall not be admitted and the author of such entry shall not have the right to receive the catalogue of the contest.
The subscription fees for groups are as follows :

  • From 10 to 20 Participants: 36,00 Euro (Euro Area) – US$ 42,00 (Other Areas)
  • From 21 to 30 Participants: 34,00 Euro (Euro Area) – US$ 40,00 (Other Areas)
  • From 31 to 50 Participants: 30,00 Euro (Euro Area) – US$ 36,00 (Other Areas)
  • From 51 to 100 Participants: 28,00 Euro (Euro Area) – US$ 34,00 (Other Areas)

5) The jury’s final decision is unquestionable and incontestable. The organizers shall send the unclaimed prizes at their own expenses but at the recipient risk.

6) Prizes can not be combined in the same section of each competition but can be in different sections of the same competition.
The major awards Best Author of the Circuit, Best work of each competition, if the jury considers it appropriate, can always be combined. 

7) Awards


  • Best Author of the Circuit – Trophy and Amazon voucher of 400 US $


  • Best Author – BLU PIN FIAP – Trophy and Amazon voucher by 200 US$
  • Best Work of each Contest – Trophy and US $ 200 Amazon voucher


Free Color Theme

  • Best Color Photo (FIAP Gold Medal)
  • 1 FIAF Gold Medals
  • 1 FIAF Silver Medal
  • 1 FIAF Bronze Medal
  • 3 Special Jury Prizes
  • 12 Honorable Mention
  • 6 Special Mentions

Free Monochrome Theme

  • Best Monochrome Photo (FIAP Gold Medal)
  • 1 GPU Gold Medals
  • 1 GPU Silver Medal
  • 1 GPU Bronze Medal
  • 3 Special Jury Prizes
  • 12 Honorable Mention
  • 6 Special Mentions

Travel Photo Theme

  • Best Travel Photo (FIAP Gold Medal)
  • 1 ISF Gold Medals
  • 1 ISF Silver Medal
  • 1 ISF Bronze Medal
  • 3 Special Jury Prizes
  • 12 Honorable Mention
  • 6 Special Mentions

Environment Theme

  • Best Environment Photo (FIAP Gold Medal)
  • 1 UIF Gold Medals
  • 1 UIF Silver Medal
  • 1 UIF Bronze Medal
  • 3 Special Jury Prizes
  • 12 Honorable Mention
  • 6 Special Mentions

For a total of 441 prizes and US $ 2,100.00

Prizes not collected at the awards ceremony will be sent to the addresses provided with the registration form at the expense of the organizers and will travel with the responsibility of the recipients.

8) Calendar

  • Closing Date: May 30, 2022
  • End Judging: 01/12 June 2022
  • Submitting Results: June 19, 2022
  • Awards Ceremony: September 10, 2022
  • Catalog and Awards Submission: October 10, 2022

9) Juries

The Jury is made up of the following member:

Diamanti Gran Prix:

  • Sabina Broetto, EFIAP (Italy)
  • Ivo De Decker, EFIAP/g (Belgium)
  • Albert Debieve, EFIAP, CR2-GPU, IS, ER6ISF  (France)

Rubini Gran Prix:

  • Monica Giudice, EFIAP/b, (Italy)
  • Niko Guido, EFIAP/b (Turchia)
  • Paul Keene, MFIAP (Great Britain)

Smeraldi Gran Prix:

  • Gottfried Catania, AFIAP (Malta)
  • Pedro Ajuriaguerra Saiz, EFIAP/g (Spain)
  • Antonella Tomassi, EFIAP/d1, (Italy)

Zaffiri Gran Prix:

  • Roberto De Leonardis, EFIAP/g (Italy)
  • Elisa Putti, EFIAP/s (Finland)
  • Martin Zurmuehle, EFIAP/d1 (Switzerlan)

President of the Jury: Sabina Broetto, EFIAP (President of Photo Contest Club)

General Chairman: Silvano Monchi, EFIAP/p, HonEFIAP (Via della Vetreria 37, Figline Valdarno, Italy,, +393355746028)

10) The catalog will be produced in pdf, with all the winning works, the jury’s report and the list of admissible works and participants. And sent to all participants by email or for Wetransfer.

11) Statistics, minutes of the juries and both winning and admitted photographs will be published in the website and left there until the next edition. All entrants shall receive the results via email.

12) The entrant shall be held responsible in handling any image rights or liberties of the subject matter of the photograph and shall irrevocably consent to the Promoters publishing the photographs.
By participating in the Circuit, the author authorizes the non-profit publication of his images (full or partial) on catalogs, screenings, websites, magazines and whatever else the organizers deem necessary for the promotion of the Circuit itself.

13) The jury decides exclusively on the admittance of photographs and prize – awarding.

14) Though the organizers will attempt to treat all submitted work with the utmost care, they are not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the sending of entries, whatever the cause.

15) We inform you, according to the article. 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 of 04/27/2016, hereinafter referred to as GDPR (General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data), that the personal data provided as part of the international Jewels Circuit, photography contest  will be collected and recorded by the Photo Contest Club – on paper, electronic and / or computerized and / or telematics media- protected and treated in ways that ensure security and confidentiality in accordance with GDPR regulations. We inform you that the data provided to us will only be used for strictly related and instrumental purposes to the event. To this end, as part of the Initiative, your data may be published online on the competition website ( or / and in the competition catalog. The data is required in order to be able to participate in the competition. We inform you that you may exercise in your capacity as an interested person, you have the rights referred to in art. 15 RGPD (including, by way of example, the rights to obtain confirmation of the existence of data concerning it and their intelligibly communication, the indication of the methods of processing, updating, rectification or integration of data, cancellation) by request without formalities to the Data Controller.
The owner of the data processing is the Photo Contest Club with legal headquarters in Via Della Vetreria 73 in Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Florence, through its own president, temporary, Sabina Broetto.

16) Provisions

A) In order to have legal authority on those who do not respect the rules of FIAP, all the entrants agree to FIAP document 018/2017 « Conditions and regulations for FIAP Patronage » and FIAP document 033/2021« Sanctions for breaching FIAP regulations and the red list ».All participants are particularly aware of chapter II « Regulations for International photographic events under FIAP patronage » of FIAP document 018/2017, dealing under Section II.2 and II.3 with the FIAP participation rules, the sanctions for breaching FIAP regulations and the red list.” 

B) By the sole act of submitting his/her images or files to a salon under FIAP Patronage, the entrant accepts without exception and with no objection the following terms:
that the submitted images can be investigated by FIAP to establish if these obey to FIAP regulations and definitions even if the entrant is not a member of FIAP; That FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking, That any refusal to cooperate with FIAP or any refusal to submit the original files as captured by the camera, or failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP,That in case of sanctions following the non compliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the entrant will be released in any form useful to inform the breaches of the rules.We recommend that you leave the EFIX data intact in the files sent to facilitate any investigation. FIAP official documents:


By entering this exhibition, you are explicitly consenting to the personal details you have supplied, including email addresses, being held, processed and used by the exhibition organizers for purposes associated with this exhibition. You also explicitly consent to such information being sent to organizations which have accorded official recognition, patronage or accreditation to this exhibition.
You acknowledge and accept that entering this exhibition means that the status and results of your entry may be made public.
Your email address and contact information will not be made public.

18) Definition

Monochrome FIAP: A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey.
A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.
On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the colour category; such a work requires colour reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.

Travel Photo: A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographic limitations. Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not appropriate. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the environment. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene, and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted. All images must appear natural.


Environment Photo: Environment photography means all those images taken in any environment in the world, in any situation, with or without the presence of human beings. The photos can be taken both in small and large spaces, both in the open countryside and in urban centers.

19) Participation in the Contest implies the entrants’ total, unconditional acceptance and the acknowledgment of their entire understanding of these Regulations.Alessandro Ballini